Which cryptocurrencies will appear (will grow up) in 2019?

Cryptocurrencies in 2019

The 21st century is the period of possibilities, the epoch of great chances and the huge amount of money. Thinking of it is hard to realize the whole quantity. Moreover, it is so exciting that money exists not just in currency; it is on the Internet as well. Isn’t it hilarious that we have so much money, that we don’t have a place where to involve them?

Assignment help with cryptocurrency is a very popular search in Google that is why we decided to be in trend and tell you some information predicting which cryptocurrencies will appear in 2019. Honestly, no one knows for sure which cryptocurrencies will be the best in 2019, here are a few projects that we like and have great potential to increase in value over the next year:

1. NEO

NEO is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies on the market. It competes with coins like Ethereum, Cardano, EOS and a few others. NEO is playing a very smart game, creating their own ‘Smart Economy’ slowly but surely. NEO is pushing to remove the Bitcoin dominance and compete as a trading pair similar to how ETH is accepted on most exchanges as a trading pair.

The founder of NEO, Da Hongfei, advised China to ban cryptocurrency exchanges. Da Hongfei stated that he met with the Government to discuss the future regulations of cryptocurrencies and they came to him to ask for his opinion on the course of action to regulate this wild market. The conclusion that they came to was to temporary ban cryptocurrencies and exchanges in China. This may seem very odd for the CEO of Neo to advise such a thing, but this was a very smart strategical decision.


RaiBlocks recently re-branded to NANO, in a clever strategy similar to how Ant shares re-branded to NEO. The name RaiBlocks was recognized as a barrier to mainstream adoption, so the team re-branded to a much simpler name that can be globally pronounced and understood.

NANO promises instant transactions with zero fees that are infinitely scalable. One of the major concerns with Bitcoin and even Ethereum is that they are both slow in terms of transaction speeds. Understandably this can change over time, but Bitcoin transactions have taken over 24 hours during periods of heavy volume. NANO is an ideal trading pair, at the moment most exchanges have BTC, ETH and USDT markets. If exchanges start using NANO pairing, the price of NANO will easily rise.


Cardano (ADA) was founded by the co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson. It competes for market share against NEO, EOS, and Ethereum. However, the technology behind Cardano is the third generation of the blockchain. EOS and ADA are the only two out of the four that are currently on this level. Near instant transaction speed and near fee-free transactions makes Cardano a very strong force to go against.

Cardano also focusses on several other key elements that a lot of cryptocurrencies seem to ignore. Cardano aims to be ahead of the game when it comes to compliance, meaning global governments/institutions are much more likely to partner with a firm where compliance is a priority.


There are reasons to love and hate TRON, it had a massive price hike early on this year mostly due to the hype and the founder, Justin Sun, announcing news! This was clearly very poor PR however the development team behind Tron are simply amazing. Former lead developers from massive companies such as Alibaba.

Although Justin has made several mistakes promoting Tron, he understands the importance of partnerships and exchange listings – these events 90% of the time cause the price of any cryptocurrency to rise. He just needs to stop announcing them before they are official.

5. VeChain

VeChain is growing more every day. A few days ago VeChain met with the deputy prime minister of Belgium to discuss the future of blockchain and potentially working together, and that is wow.

VeChain focusses on leveraging blockchain technology to build a trust-free and distributed business ecosystems, which are self-circulating and scalable. VeChain is also introduction dividends which will attract many investors.

VeChain has one of the largest teams for a cryptocurrency, and they also have a substantial amount of partnerships with some well-known companies such as Renault Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Exciting times for VeChain lay ahead.

To sum it up, here we gave you all the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world that have a chance to become leaders in the next year. None can be sure which one will be the leading as each has potential. Who knows, maybe accidentally some new cryptocurrencies will appear. What we have to do is to wait up to the next year, and predict.

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