Tron Announces Major TronWallet Update

Tron Foundation recently announced that the TronWallet has finally launched the long-awaited update. As confirmed by the company, the update will allow users to split all their operations with multiple accounts, as well as to create addresses which are based on the contracts of the users.

The official announcement by the company, which was made yesterday, on August 25, on their Twitter page stated: “you can now split your operations with multiple accounts and create addresses based on your contacts with TronWallet! The application is already available on Android and soon on iOS. Thanks to the community that helped make it happen!”

As reported by the development team, the key aim of the application from the very beginning of the project, was finding a way which would allow users to split operations into multiple accounts. As a result this has eventually become exactly one of the key functions that the updated version currently possesses. The original announcement of the company also specified how users may be able to actually use the new feature.

The second key advancement of the recent update has been reported to be the addition of a very useful “Address Book” tab. The new tab gives the opportunity to the users to edit their accounts and save their favourite addresses on it as contacts. This is another convenient feature for the users. In addition, the company provided detailed guidelines on how to use this addition in the official announcement as well.    

Finally, the official message also specified the main difference between the tabs of Contacts and Accounts. In fact those may look pretty similar from the first sight and the one key difference was reported to be the possibility to delete Contacts tabs, while Accounts tabs are impossible to be deleted by the users.


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