CoinPayments Announces Official Support for TRX as New Payment Method

The founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun recently made an announcement stating that digital asset of TRX will be supported as a payment method on the CoinPayments platform. The new support of the cryptocurrency by the platform will open a multimillion new client base opportunities for the company.

The original message by Sun on his official Twitter page stated: “over 2.2 Million Businesses and users can now accept TRX as a payment method! This huge step toward cryptocurrency adoption will support Tron rapid growth and offer more freedom”.    

On the official CoinPayments blog, the announcement was made with a brief introduction of Tron for all the new potential users of the cryptocurrency. The general intro on Tron stated: Tron (TRX) is currently one of the world’s top cryptocurrencies based on market cap. TRX can be used to purchase products and services both online and offline, fund projects, and much more! Consumers can use TRX to pay for content, and these tokens will go to the content producers’ accounts, where they can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies (Dollar, Euro, etc.) or used to pay for other goods and services”.

Further on the platform went on commenting on the recent support for the cryptocurrency sharing some insights into the reason of choosing this cryptocurrency. “TRX is currently accepted in many marketplaces online and offline. Enabling TRX acceptance at an early stage will help merchants reach a vibrant community eager to use Tron tokens. Following Tron Mainnet and their recent acquisition of BitTorrent, why not get a head start in accumulating coins by accepting Tron (TRX) payments in your store today”, stated the message.

CoinPayments is currently one of the largest processor of cryptocurrencies supporting more than 895 digital tokens. According to the official information shared by the company, the payment processor serves over 2,228,000 vendors across 182 different countries. The platform can also facilitate fiat settlements, coin conversions and a vault to store your coins. There is also a multi-coin wallet and Point of Sale (POS) interface for store transactions.

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