4th Episode of The Ripple Drop: Recent Official Updates and Comments by Company

Ripple recently released the official 4th episode of The Ripple Drop web video series which cover latest news about the company’s customers, technology, products and culture. According to the published insights, the latest episode consists of three key parts each of which covers some important aspects and updates regarding the company.   

This week’s first part was taken over by Ripple’s Chief Market Strategist, Cory Johnson, who covered key insights on the company’s Q2 XRP Markets Report. During his speech, Jonson stated: “the Philippines averages about $31 billion worth of inbound remittances. Mexico is about $28 billion and those numbers continue to grow over time. It’s really a trend that we see growing. The two biggest sending corridors are the United States so the fact that we have a really strong originating party in the U.S.s is huge for xRapid”.

Further on, during the second part of the episode, senior manager for xRapid infrastructure partnerships, Marcos Fernandez commented on recent important strategic partnerships with some major exchangers announced earlier by the company.“xRapid relies on these liquidity pools which are provided by these digital asset exchanges both on their originating and the destination side, To have three really strong credible partners is huge for xRapid and really very much so for our growth into production”, commented Fernandez.

While talking about cooperation with financial institutions, Fernandez expressed opinion that their technology is believed to be soon adopted by the end consumers all over the world. He stated: “it won’t happen overnight but it’ll take time and as we scale we’ll start seeing those cost savings and that speed the transparency translated back to that consumer experience… If we’re helping someone send their family an additional three to four meals a month I mean that makes a world of difference to them and to their loved ones”.

The last part of the 4th episode was covered by director of business development, Welly Sculley who shared expert opinion regarding key trends among financial institutions on RippleNet.


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