Tron Foundation Announces and TheLastMe as New SR Candidates

Tron Foundation recently announced two more major candidates of the run for Super Representative elections. The two new announced candidates included the recently acquired and TheLastMe platform.

The official statements by the company introduced the new candidates saying: “Friends of the Tron community, TheLastMe has officially announced that it will run for the Super Representative… has also officially announced that it will run for the Tron Super Representative”.

The first announcement introducing TheLastMe as a new candidate went on explaining that the platform “is hoping to leverage the blockchain technology to build an application scenario that can integrate games, and help cryptocurrency to generate landing services. We are helping to promote the rapid adoption of blockchain technology with recreational methods. We have been paying attention to the development, and have already become an industry leader in many aspects. As far as application development goes, we will be able to play a very important role in helping Tron with landing applications”.

Further on, the second announcement stated that “ strives to become the “Google” in the blockchain industry, providing users with one-stop services such as block queries, news browsing, and big data analytics”.

The official updates were also shared by the co-founder and CEO, Justin Sun who posted the announcements on his official Twitter page as well.  

“We sincerely hope that TheLastMe will be elected as a super node of TRON. We will contribute to the TRON community, as well as to the large-scale application of the blockchain technology”, concluded the first announcement while the second one also confirmed that “ becoming a SR will benefit the long-term development of the TRON ecology, and will help enrich the global ecosystem of the network”.

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