Tron Super Representative Community Grows: Two More Candidates Announced

Co-founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun has been recently making important announcements and sharing updates about the list of Tron Super Representatives community. And today, on August 17, Sun announced two more major names which will also be running in the SR elections. According to the announcement, EtherPoker and TRXMarket will be the new two candidates which are officially joining the run for joining the community.   

According to the company official statement, EtherPoker is a data prediction blockchain game channel. The company has the main aim of making blockchain technology and cryptocurrency more mainstream. “EtherPoker is developing a predictive channel that will cater to gamers and provide support and added coverage to the interested TRONICS”, states the company.

In addition, the official information about TRXMarket states that the company is a decentralized digital exchange based on the Tron’s blockchain. Having the main priority of ensuring that users can enjoy the application of a decentralized network and provide seamless network transitions, TRXMarket is believed to be one of the most prospective projects which are based on Tron network.

In his official statement Justin Sun said: “our Super Representatives play a strategic role in the network’s safety and reliability, and they also embrace and advance the idea of decentralization. As a strong believer, it was mandatory for me to support the cause and run for the election. Thanks to the support of the community I got elected, I am running this project on the side of my role of CEO and I’m trying to share updates as frequently as possible”.

In addition, Sun also highlighted the great deal of responsibility and privileges which the current 26 members of the Super Representative club are about to embark on. The key aim was stated to be the objective of democratizing the internet by Sun. “Tron aims to be a more democratic cryptocurrency platform, with the added vision of integrating the concept of decentralization in day to day transactions”, concluded Sun.

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