Tron Confirms BitTorrent being Elected as Super Representative by Community

Tron Foundation recently confirmed that world’s largest torrent serving application, BitTorrent was officially elected as one of Super Representatives by the community. After the results of the elections were announced, Director of Engineering at BitTorrent, Joe Joyce posted an introduction video on Twitter to which Tron also referred to further on.       

The offiaial message by the Foundation on their Twitter page stated: “BitTorrent just got elected by community as one of the 27 Tron Super Representatives, check out this video and learn more about their team and mission”.

The video by Joyce started by introducing the team and the application stating that BitTorrent is available on both desktops and mobiles including Windows, Mac, and on the Google play store for smartphones. After the general introduction on the product, Joyce moved on commenting on the recent election results stating: “we really look forward to working with the other Super Representatives and to ensure the future of a decentralized internet”.

According to Joyce, BitTorrent has been working towards a decentralized internet since 2001, while the collaboration with Tron can be a “merging of great technologies because Tron has the same vision and mission as BitTorrent”.   

“The only difference is that Tron brings its expertise in cryptocurrency. Joyce reveals that their next step is to start creating a platform that will enable distributed applications for systems”, continued Joyce.

In addition, Justin Sun earlier commented on BitTorrent being a part of Tron Super Representative community stating: “…BitTorrent is committed to building a more open, transparent and efficient network. This mission is well aligned with Tron’s vision”.

The number of Super Representatives keeps growing as does the number of companies which are announced to officially run for the important role.

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