Tron Announces BitDogSR as Super Representative Candidate

Co-Founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun officially introduced BitDogSR as a  Super Representative candidate, yesterday, on August 14. BitDogSR became known to the community as the company which was majorly supporting Tron during its inception days and promoting its ideals and regulations through video uploads and network activities.    

Justin Sun’s original post about the new candidate on Twitter stated: “BitDogSr will run for Tron Super Representative, BitDogSr originated and matured in the  community. As an early supporter of Tron and KOL of the Tron community, they aim to spread Tron’s philosophy and influence across the community”.

The announcement also confirmed that in case BitDogSR is elected as a  Super Representative, this will bring the total number of overall representatives to 66. As a part of the community  Super Representaitves, the company will have a major role in spreading the information and experience of Tron among the entire community in addition to being guardians of the values and ideology.  

The official announcement by the Foundation about the recent development introduced the new candidate as well, The message was concluded by the statement: “we sincerely hope that BitDogSR will be elected as a Super Representative. BitDogSR is committed to contributing to the healthy operation of the Tron community, as well as the global development of Tron”.

The foundation  has been introducing many new members and companies running for Super Representative elections lately. According to the numbers reported by the company, the amount of members has grown measurably from 108 to 300. Wider acceptance of the company and the native coin of TRX as well as strong cooperation with large and prospective companies and teams is believed to help TRX to surpass Ethereum.  

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