How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Education System

Undoubtedly, education is a sector where dusting is necessary. Admittedly, this is a purely national problem and some states seem to be better advanced than others. Moreover, the internet has changed so many things for us, let’s say, you want the best English tutor, you can learn how to utilize your tutor, you just type it on the internet and have so many results pop up on the screen and you get the knowledge for free.

Universal Certification of Diplomas

The Ministry of Education, your school, college, high school or university will no longer have the monopoly of diploma certification. The issue of a duplicate, a true copy, the original of your diploma or even your transcripts will no longer be useful. In other words, you will not have to prove to anyone that you have obtained the diploma. Farewell false doctors or false lawyers since all degrees will be publicly available and verifiable.

This is the main contribution of the blockchain in the field of education. Between companies that do not check or miss the diplomas of the candidates, the regulated professions performed by charlatans and the disconcerting facility to imitate a degree , the veracity of the latter is one of the most common and most universal evils in of education.

The End of the Paper Documentation

In connection with the previous contribution, technology would make it possible, in a more general context, to completely eliminate paper. It could securely and permanently store all registrations, credit transfers and student learning throughout their schooling.

Achieving Significant Savings

This is one of the consequences of blockchain technology in the broad sense. Distributed registry, the blockchain “in the pure state” allows everyone to own their own data. As a result, best English tutor in Singapore would keep control of their educational data.

Schools, high schools or other universities would have no reason to invest astronomical sums to keep the data of their students. In addition, these storage systems can sometimes be completely outdated. The cost of data management would be reduced to a minimum. Finally, there would be no more presumption of responsibility on schools and universities in case of poor data recording.

The Immutability of Entries as Absolute Security

As soon as a recording is made on the blockchain, it is there to stay forever. Immutability is the characteristic through which certification of diplomas and personalized data management are possible. It will certify the records in an absolute, secure and tamper-proof manner. This would avoid the potential case where a state would see its archiving system collapse.

Also the checking of the recordings could be carried out from any device connected to the Internet, in a few seconds and (a priori) free. Thus, instead of waiting for the administrative secretary to send the student’s diploma, the verification would be carried out immediately.

Custom Cryptocurrencies as a Valuable Help?

Certainly, it is a potentiality a little far-fetched and surfing on bitcoin-mania. Above all, it depends on each state since education can be free as you incur over 30 years.

Some imagine the creation of personalized cryptocurrencies to finance his own studies. We remain a bit dubious on this point because, on the one hand, the cost of education could (should?) decrease, thanks to the evolutions described above. On the other hand, the multiplication of crypto-currencies is not necessarily desirable in the long term.

However, beyond pure cryptocurrency, this would include automatic recognition and transfer credits. Here we can include the receipt of payments such as tuition fees or grants.


With energy and finance, education is one of the three sectors where blockchain could lead to a significant and positive evolution. The potentialities are enormous and are not confined to those mentioned above. The others are only at the embryo stage. Future interactions between the education system, English tutor Singapore and the blockchain need to be monitored.

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