AMA Session with Cardano ’s Charles Hoskinson: Founder Shares Key Concerns on Project

Founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson recently held a surprise Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Twitter where he shared updates and comments on the project. The main topics that were included in the unplanned session were the market of Bitcoin, prediction on the future of cryptocurrencies as well as the recently discussed feud between Hoskinson and Vitalik Buterin.

During the session, Hoskinson also talked about his concerns regarding Cardano stating: “the challenge with Cardano was that we went for gold, we went for everything, we said we want the best programmers, the best programming language… We want the best technology, the best consensus protocol, the best governance. The best this, the best that”.

Hoskinson then went on talking about his team stating that the ambitious approach of the company allowed involving some of the most talented professionals in the industry as well as bright minds from the spheres other than cryptocurrencies.

The founder however stated that while it was “magical” to work with all the team members, it later became challenging to meet all the high set ambitious objectives. Meanwhile he was proud to state that later on the team started to work even harder while the speed and motivation may have been lower than before. “…Like for example with Prometheus in the rust library, and that’s okay you know, that’s the reality of these projects. So you know, as a CEO you’re always haunted by the poor choices you made, the mistakes you made… You know these types of things. And you just have to keep moving forward and you have to pivot”, recalls Hoskinson.

As a conclusion, the key concerning point for the founder remains the fact that Cardano is not yet the market leader, while the promising results and their hard work has a great potential to state that they are on the right direction towards more successful performance.

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