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Tron Announces New Partnership With Leading Portable Smart Toilet Supplier

Founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun recently made an announcement about an important strategic partnership with a leading portable smart toilet supplier called Moshroom.

The official announcement by Justin Sun on Twitter stated: “Tron has formed a strategic partnership with Moshroom, a leading portable smart toilet supplier in China. The two partners will work on blockchain technologies, especially cryptocurrencies”.

Moshroom aims at solving list of hygiene, health and pollution related problems in developing countries. The main productions of the company are innovative one-set portable toilets which have solar power systems. In addition, the supplied toilets have flush-free toilet fittings feature which makes it possible for them to function without an external supply of water.

According to Sun, technology is “worthy only when it improves peoples’ lives, similar to the mobile internet which provided access to information, entertainment and e-commerce. Tron is going in the same direction with the help of blockchain technology”.

Sun also informed that Tron Foundation will be working closely with Moshroom to help them solve the issues they have as a main target. Tron will be focusing on cross-border payment settlement in addition to supporting with creating an effective and healthy business model.

Founder and CEO of Moshroom, Cosmos Wu also shared enthusiasm from their side about going with the important partnership with Tron. “Public toilets are not merely a project for public welfare. On the contrary, the project won’t last long if it is non-profit … Since currency systems vary from country to country, it’s not an easy job to popularize our portable toilets around the world. Therefore, we are happy to work with TRON, one of the best in the blockchain community, and promote our project with the help of cryptocurrency”, commented Wu.

It was also reported that in the beginning, both of the sides will be focusing on providing improved services and experience to people living in Southeast Asia and India where the portable toilets will be initially promoted.

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