Tron Announces New Major Super Representative Candidate and Confirms uTorrent Elected as SR

Founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun recently made two important announcements confirming that the community of Tron Super Representatives keeps growing while involving big names of nowadays market. First, Sun announced that Chinese blockchain giant, Raybo will be running for the Tron Super Representative position.

The official tweet by Sun reads: “Raybo will run for TRONSR. Raybo has been committed to promoting decentralized distributed clearing technology represented by Ripple in Greater China, promoting blockchain clearing technology in financial institutions such as banks”.

In addition, the Foundation had stated that involving Raybo in the network of SR “will make the network more inclusive and will provide more outreach”. As of now, Tron reportedly has more than 63 candidates for the Super Representative position. According to Raybo’s message, the company has the aim of becoming a part of the community which is a good proof of “Tron’s inclusiveness and openness as a decentralized and autonomous community.”

Later, Justin Sun went on sharing another important update of uTorrent officially being elected as Tron Super Representative. Sun’s official statement said: “µTorrent got elected by the community to become Tron SR, check out this video introducing their team. We welcome the community to keep voting!”

From the other side, uTorrent also commented on the recent development stating: “Today we celebrate. Tomorrow we provide the infrastructure needs to meet the demands of the Tron ecosystem. The entire team is proud to be joining the 26 other Super Representatives. Thank you once again for your votes!”

As Super Representatives, the elected companies will take the main responsibility of becoming special guardians of the network and actively participating in the calculation and validation of the network.

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