Tron Founder Announces TRX was Most Searched Cryptocurrency on Twitter for 1 Hour Period

Founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun today, on July, 6 shared official search results of Twitter where Tron was confirmed to be most searched cryptocurrency on the platform for one hour time period on 5th of August. According to the published official information, yesterday TRX token was mentioned 1,611 times on Twitter. At the same time, as for comparison, Bitcoin (BTC) was mentioned a bit less, 1,454 times.     

Overall statistics meanwhile suggest that even when TRX is not mainstream as BTC is, the token still has wide range of followers and fans. In addition, raising interest towards the coin recently is also believed to be due to the very important developments for the company including the launch of Tron Virtual Machine.  

While commenting that “Tron Virtual Machine will enable Tron to surpass Ethereum in terms of daily transactions, which will enable it to become the most influential public blockchain in the world”, company also confirmed that “Stock Exchange has completed the TRX token migration and swap and has also begun deposits and withdrawals”.  

Earlier on August 5, Sun also shared another important update of TRX being possible to trade on popular blockchain-based payments solution, Humming Pay. The platform reportedly uses the Tron Network for traffic and distribution while having the main aim of making transactions faster and more seamless.

 The earlier announcement by Sun stated: “Humming Pay, the global “Trust Mark” of Digital Payments using Tron Blockchain, they cover all industries, pioneer your payments system. You can use Humming Pay to accept TRX now. Thanks for the support to Tron (TRX)”.  

This update undoubtedly opens wider possibilities for the holders of the coin as well as for the users of the platform which also is believed to add interest towards the coin on the social platform of Twitter.

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