Tron Foundation Announces Official Release of TronWallet App for Android

Tron foundation yesterday, on July, announced that the new TronWallet app for Android has been officially released. The information stated that the app for devices supported by Android is already available on Google Play while the iOS version will be introduced soon as well. .

The official announcement by the company stated: “TronWallet is now available on Android! Send, receive, freeze TRX, vote for the Super Representatives, participate in token sales from your phone with this decentralized wallet built by Getty/ IO! iOS version available soon, more info here”.

The official message also stated some of the main features of the newly introduced app which included:

  • TronWallet is a fully decentralized P2P wallet which reqires no login and no signup.
  • It also comes with local secret encryption in addition to secure PIN.
  • All Tron network operations are supported on the new wallet with the only exception of the ‘create token’ one.
  • Users are able to push notifications in order to get notified immediately once any of the transactions are processed.
  • Private keys to the funds belong only to the specific users.

The announcement by the company also confirmed that the newly introduced wallet was developed by Getty/IO Inc. This is a company which is specialised in front-end development in modern Javascript, AWS and blockchain. The app was reportedly developed by the company for 4 months prior the launch of the wallet within the framework of Tron’s programming contest.

As reported, the new project was supported by Tron’s accelerator program which was sponsoring the initiative. In addition as officially confirmed, Tron Foundation provided $200,000 in seed money to the developer firm in order for them to complete the works on the new TRX wallet.


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