Ripple Announces Former US President Bill Clinton as Keynote Speaker at Ripple Conference

Ripple recently announced that former US president, Bill Clinton will be attending the annual Swell by Ripple conference as a keynote speaker. The annual conference each time invites global leaders from different fields such as policy, payments, and technology in order to mutually discuss the new technology of blockchain and its uses in different aspects of life and technology to benefit global society.

The official announcement by Ripple stated that the team is “thrilled to announce Bill Clinton as keynote speaker for this year’s Swell by Ripple”. Further on the company went on commenting that “President Clinton helped usher in a period of extreme growth and adoption of the Internet and established programs that brought new technology to communities around the world to help bridge the digital divide”.

Swell by Ripple conference this year will take place on October 1 in San Francisco, California, US. This year’s speakers, as each year, will include representatives and leaders of different financial companies which use blockchain technology. The speakers will talk about the opportunities and challenges of the new technology as well as different frameworks for regulation of the industry.

The official announcement also listed some of the key sessions of the conference which include:

  • Flashtalk: How to Launch A Payments App For Millions: here customers of Ripple customers will share what it took to launch the first mobile application
  • Central Banks Show and Tell: here bankers will be sharing their experiences with blockchain
  • 800 Pound Gorilla: here experts answer the big questions around adoption of digital assets.

The announcement also confirmed that President Clinton will also be engaged in a Q&A session together with a member of Ripple’s board of directors, Gene Sperling. Notably Sperling earlier worked with Presidents Clinton and Obama as a National Economic Council director and adviser.

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