Wirex Officially Confirms Massive Adoption of XRP Wallet on their Platform

Wirex recently shared important updates regarding trading volumes of XRP on their platform, as they listed the cryptocurrency earlier. In their official tweet, Wirex confirmed that in only 12 hours, deposits’ volume in XRP on their platform reached 2,000,000 USD.

Earlier Wirex, which is a UK based company specialising in providing different cryptocurrency wallets to their users, announced the official launch of Ripple wallet in a release. As the information was out, positive feedbacks and massive activity by the users of the platform as well as holders of the cryptocurrency were registered, and the recent official update by Wirex comes to confirm a massive adoption of the wallet.

As similar listings for Ripple coin become officially announced, crypto community gets more aware of the security and reliability of the coin. There have been different opinions and recent discussions about XRP being rather limited regarding its applications and usage. Opinions similar to the claim that the tools provided by Ripple keep getting value especially in fintech industry while leaving the token with less attention come to be argued as leading platforms such as Wirex announce support for the coin.

The recent cooperation meanwhile is not only a good way to increase credibility in the coin among potential holders, but also an opportunity to make the coin even more accessible to the users. And hence company leaders give a measurable importance to similar partnerships and listings.    

Earlier, Ripple officially commented on the key groups of differences between the company itself and the coin of XRP. The company confirmed that the token is separate digital asset however field experts tend to claim that due to the fact that Ripple currently holds 60 billion of the 100 billion XRP tokens based on their blockchain, the security clause of this aspect still remains applicable.   

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