Ripple Announces New Listing on Top Romanian Exchanger

Coinflux, which is a top cryptocurrency exchange platform that has been successfully operating in Romania over years, recently announced about adding Ripple (XRP) to the list of the already offered top cryptocurrencies. According to the official announcement, the decision of supporting XRP was made by the company considering the high demand by the clients of their platform.    

The official source also informed that as of now, individuals wishing to start trading Ripple (XRP) are only required to have an active account with Coinflux. In addition, trading is possible to perform in case the transaction value at least 20 euros.

Coinflux is a leading exchanger in Romania which was established back in 2015. The platform has recently re-invented own brand and made list of changes in its strategy and branding. In addition user interface and overall design of the platform has been changed and updated as well. The updated platform now allows the users to trade all the available top cryptocurrencies both with each other and also with fiat currencies such as LEU and RON.

The official announcement by the exchanger was concluded by highlighting that the users and traders can contact their online customer support team for further information and any support they may require while trading the new currency on the platform. Coinflux also provided general overview of Ripple emphasising the key advantages and opportunities of the system.   

This recent support to Ripple (XRP) by Coinflux has not however been the first case when the addition of the coin was made by popular demand. Ripple is currently considered to be one of the most valuable and popular digital assets in the world. The company as of now possesses market cap of over 16.3 billion euros which is the third highest in the nowadays market after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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