BMW Now Accepts Bitcoin (BTC) Payments for the Purchase of New and Used Cars

Stephen James, owner of a car dealership based in London and Kent with 4 dealerships, number 3 in London for new and used BMWs, announced  with a tweet that now the company accepts bitcoins (BTC) for the purchase of new and used BMW cars.

Now in our dealerships we accept bitcon for the purchase of your new BMW! Contact us today to learn more about how you can use bitcoin to get away with a brand new vehicle, he said in the tweet.

There are many things that users can buy with their cryptocurrency, for example, jewelry or real estate, and now it seems that digital currency holders can also pay big German cars with their digital money.

Recently, the real estate platform Propy has sold a land property that measures approximately 27 acres, about 100 square kilometers, in the heart of Silicon Valley. The property is located on Shannon Road, at the top of the Los Gatos hills. The offer is exclusive to Propy and is on sale for $ 16 million.

Investors can build up to 10 homes on the property, overlooking some of the “most pristine lands in Northern California”. In this case it was possible to pay in XRP and ETH as well as Bitcoin.

In the near past, we saw how the purchase of goods and properties is developing in Europe as well; for example, in this post we showed how you can buy an home in Rome with your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Another way to spend your cryptocurrencies and put them in use in real life is to hire a luxury car. Italy Luxury Car Hire is giving you the chance to rent Ferrari, Lamborghini and many other amazing cars using your digital coins.

Adoption and support for cryptocurrencies is important to make them always more pratical and get people used to pay with them.

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