Tron Founder Wins His Own Blockchain’s Election in One Day

Tron Foundation recently announced that the unconventional candidate, the Founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun official was elected as a Super Representative. As announced earlier, Sun informed the community about becoming an official candidate of Tron Super Representative elections only 1 day earlier, on July 18.

As reported, Sun has now successfully garnered enough votes which will allow him to run one of 27 nodes that will operate the $2.5 billion Tron network. The elections were initially started back in June this year which was a part of launching Tron’s independent blockchain. As the new platform was launched, the project has been in the process of migrating its TRX tokens from Etherium to this new platform.

Candidacy of Sun has become a matter of different discussions among the community and the holders of cryptocurrency on social media, on developments of which the founder earlier shared own comments on his Twitter page. In the official message Sun stated that the importance of the voting process is of the highest priority for the company and by his own example he hopes to be able to build and ensure a true democratic community.

As of now, it has been reported that Sun had acquired over 120 million votes. According to the official conditions set initially, all the candidates are required to receive minimum of 100 million votes in order to become qualified as one of the network’s 27 super representatives. Each TRX is being counted for one vote within the system.

Currently only 11 candidates have been selected as Super Representatives while for comparison with Sun, all of them took up to weeks to be elected unlike the Founder of the company, who has been successful in only one day.

In addition, Sun also did not publish an election “manifesto” (information on the candidates and the hardware they plan to use to run the node) as required from all the other candidates. Instead the users were invited to follow Sun’s official Twitter page for more info and recent official updates.

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