Recent Official Insights by Ripple: 2nd Episode of The Ripple Drop is Out

As the 2nd episode of The Ripple Drop series was released, the company representatives shared important insights with the community. These web news series are directed by the Ripple company with the aim of staying in touch with their community and all the interested in the field as well as sharing official updates about the company with them.

The recent episode included some three key representatives including SVP of business and corporate development, Kahina Van Dyke, Director, Jinal Surti and Senior Vice President of Product, Asheesh Birla sharing opinions about global payments as well as University Blockchain Research Initiative and the soon to be released newsletter BUIDL, respectively.   

Kahina talked about the specialities of global payments while referring to own example and experience. She explained: “we all share the needs around value exchange and money and payments and the current payment system wasn’t built for individuals to send money instantaneously around the world but we’re at the point now where we can do that”.

While commenting on University Blockchain Research Initiative, Jinal Surti confirmed that the initiative is a useful option for everyone regardless any differences in background and experience stating: “there are eleven engineering schools, six business schools, four humanities programs, one law school. So lots of different disciplines represented and so the research is going to reflect that nine out of those universities are creating dedicated centers of research. What that means is a lot of these research centers are going to pull in different departments across the university to create something that’s really truly interdisciplinary and focus on practical applications”.

Lastly, Asheesh Birla talked about the BUIDL which is basically his newsletter where he shares his thoughts and comments on nowadays blockchain-based projects. “I’ve been in the blockchain space for five years leading product and I just wanted to share my insights on interesting projects and products that are being launched across all blockchains that I find interesting. …If you have any suggestions on interesting projects and products to cover, send them my way I’d love to highlight them”, said Birla.

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