Ripple Announces New Hiring: this Time from UK Government

Ripple recently made an announcement about hiring new Head of European Regulatory Relations. According to the announcement, Dan Morgan, who was previously working at UK government’s Department of International Trade, will be joining the team. Morgan has an extensive experience in the field and is well-connected at the highest levels of British finance.     

Director of Regulatory Relations at Ripple, Ryan Zagone announced the new hire stating that Morgan brings deep expertise in fintech and digital assets and will be key to our growth in Europe.

The original announcement by Zagone which was made yesterday, July 16, stated: “thrilled to share that Dan Morgan has joined Ripple from the UK Dept. for International Trade to lead our European regulatory relations. He’ll be key to our growth in Europe and brings deep expertise in fintech and digital assets”.

Morgan is a Fintech Regulatory consultant with many years of experience in the field. His previous professional experience includes working as a Director of Policy and Regulation at Innovate Finance which is an industry body for the UK fintech sector. In addition, Morgan played an important role in launching Transatlantic Policy Working Group in Washington D.C. which is an important professional gathering of fintech companies, academics and regulators that aims at improving “dialogue around policy and regulation of the space”.   

Above all, what is believed to be the most important asset that Morgan’s employment at Ripple would bring to the company is his strong and strategically important links in the City of London. Back in 2017 Morgan was named UK’s top Influencers in the Risk, Compliance and RegTech. He is also a member of FinTech community of Bank of England in addition to being a Fintech Sector Specialist at UK’s Department for International Trade.

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