Ripple’s New Senior V.P. Shares Key Strategies of Acquiring Partnerships for Company

As announced earlier, Ripple has recently informed that a new Senior Vice President in Business and Corporate Development, Ms. Kahina Van Dyke will be joining their leadership team. As officially stated by the company, Van Dyke has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of banking and technology which is expected to measurably benefit the company. At the new position Van Dyke will be aiming at acquiring new and strategic partnerships for Ripple across the global financial industry.

Van Dyke’s professional experience in the field, as stated in her resume, includes working with such financial giants as Mastercard and Citibank, in addition to her recent employment at Facebook, where she was leading the team of Global Financial Services.

And recently, after the official announcement about her joining the team of Ripple was made public, Van Dyke commented on her future insights and approaches towards the new position and the important objectives she shares at Ripple as the new Senior V.P.

“The correspondent banking networks underpinning today’s global payments were built nearly 40 years ago and designed to accommodate large, corporate payments…we need a new global technology solution for international payments that offers interoperability with existing systems, connecting them and leveraging their value”, stated Van Dyke.

Van Dyke also commented on her motivations to join Ripple stating: “Ripple provides a real solution for eliminating the friction in cross-border payments. Together, with our partners, we can reduce friction and deliver better options for individuals, businesses and financial institutions. It’s an exciting time in the industry – and I feel very fortunate to be a part of creating the next generation of global payments”. Eventually Van Dyke expressed her motivation in putting all her efforts into getting the best possible partnerships for Ripple.

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