Exclusive video – Crypto millionaires in Switzerland spent 100.000 dollars in renting supercars

Zurich – On 7th July a group of 5 people from Singapore and China rented 5 supercars using bitcoins and other crypto currencies.

The group landed in Italy with a private jet in Milan, where they spent two days – according to the chinese assistant that prepared the trip.

And then they moved to Switzerland to attend a conference on crypto coins. The 5 Asian guests have, according to our source, between 25 and 33 years.

On 10 July their assistant urgently contacted an Italian luxury car hire company, Italy Luxury Car Hire.

According to ms. Tian, the 5 customers requested 5 supercars for 10 days. They asked for a Ferrari 488 GTB Spyder, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Mercedes AMG GTS, Mclaren 720S and Porsche GT3 RS.

Total cost for 5 days? 100,000 usd. Totally paid in cryptocurrencies.


Customers first visited Zurich and then returned to Italy again, where they toured through Milan, Lake Como, Venice and Florence (Tuscany).

On the identity of the 5 guests there is maximum privacy, but according to one of our sources are 5 managers of a Singapore-based exchange company.


We tried to contact the five millionaires through their assistant, but they declined an interview. The only thing certain is that their holiday continues, now in the Cote D’azur.




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