Canadian Digital Asset Exchange Announces Official Support for Ripple and Introduces XRP/CAD Pair

Canadian digital asset exchange platform, National Digital Asset Exchange (NDAX) recently announced that they will be officially supporting Ripple on the platform introducing the Xrp/CAD pairings which will be available to trade for no deposit fee. NDAX is a rather young Calgary based exchanger which was founded only on June 23.  

NDAX is reportedly the first digital exchanger in Canada which allows trading Ripple’s XRP on their platform. This trading is not yet available on the current competitors of the platform which include such companies as Coinsquare and QuadrigaCX.

While the exchanger is quite young, it is currently considered to be the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform in the country, in addition to having the largest portfolio of cryptocurrencies in Canada. The platform aims at making trading the available cryptocurrencies fast, simple and secure for all the Canadians as it is built on a secure blockchain infrastructure.

NDAX’s website states: “our mission is to provide individuals and institutions a world-class experience to buy, sell and store digital assets in the most simple, secure and compliant manner”.

On NDAX platform it is possible to place funds via wire transfer, bank-to-bank transfer and demand drafts. While no deposit fee for trading is offered on the platform, users do still pay 10 XRP withdrawal fee for each transaction on NDAX.     

There are sets of benefits that users get while trading on NDAX including the possibility for them to easily manage own cryptocurrencies as they make use of the inter-market rates that are reserved only for large platforms which are offered on the platform. In addition, the platform promises “high-level security, instant identity verification, converting tokens into fiat money for large transactions and holding a large portfolio of cryptocurrencies”.

The platform currently supports such big coins as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as well, all of which are possible to trade with Canadian Dollar (CAD).  


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