Allvor Explains Why they Chose XRP Ledger

Allvor, which is a cryptocurrency e-commerce company, recently revealed why they chose to use XRP Ledger for their operations earlier. The main highlights were given to the key advantages of XRP Ledger in making everyday transactions.     

First of all, it is notable to state that both Allvor and Ripple are aiming at achieving the idea of the Internet of Value. Both of the companies in addition, offer their token which aim to enable the intercommunication between real-time gross settlement possibilities, while ALV tokens are initially stored in XRP accounts. They are inter-operable with XRP wallets as well.     

The concept of achieving the Internet of Value for the companies would mean creating opportunities to make the process of sending money via internet as easy as sending a simple email. The official message from Allvor stated: “the XRP Ledger makes it possible to perform real-time transactions that are perfect for consumer relations. No other technology has similar speed, security, and scalability”.

The official comment by the company also touched the topic of emergence of Ripple and the XRP Ledger. The key aims of focusing on a market that is still not used by Ripple were also discussed. While as it may be known that Ripple mainly focuses on offering products which can be used in bank-to-bank cross-border transactions, Allvor has the main objective of using the XRP Ledger in performing commercial transactions between actual individuals.

According to the company, “due to its open nature, we, Allvor’s developers, see Ripple and its technology as the solution for a true popularization of the crypto-assets use in everyday transactions, which can range from purchases in electronic commerce to that coffee Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were not able to quickly process”.

Some of the key reasons for the company to use XRP Ledger were stated to be the ability to conduct virtually instant transactions with higher safety together with scalability options and the Ledger’s continuous improvement. As reported, the platform has the capability to perform a transaction in less than 5 seconds.      

 “We also believe that the strong interest of Ripple’s community of developers and enthusiasts is a huge benefit to Allvor’s success”, concluded the company.

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