Abra Enables International Payments with Visa and Mastercard

The US investment services company Abra announced on Thursday morning July 12 that any user, from almost anywhere in the world, can buy bitcoins using credit or debit cards Visa and MasterCard, through its web platform or mobile app.

The information was made public through the official blog of the company, where details are offered about this new way of buying cryptocurrencies. One of them is that tthis payent method should be limited to amounts ranging from $ 50 to $ 20,000 for each purchase. They also indicate that after the purchase is made, the bitcoins are effective 20 to 30 minutes (1-3 confirmations), depending on the blockchain.

Abra’s service became operational after establishing an alliance with Simplex, a company dedicated to processing payments around the world with operations within the world of cryptocurrencies.

Abra pointed out that ” users will also be able to use a VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card to make bitcoin purchases too thanks to a new partnership with Simplex.”. Previously this company allowed the purchase of cryptocurrencies with American Express credit cards, but this service was reserved only for customers based in the United States.

The purchases of bitcoins with these cards through Abra can not be done in countries like Afghanistan, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Yemen, Lebanon and Serbia, among others, as the platform Simplex does not provide support in these jurisdictions.

In addition, through the application users can invest in more than 24 cryptocurrencies and 50 fiduciary currencies and can add funds to their wallet using bitcoin or litecoin. They emphasize Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Dash and Ethereum Classic, among others of the main cryptocurrencies of the market with which you can operate.

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