Blockchain was Advertised to 20 Million Viewers During World Cup

Hyundai Digital Asset Company (HDAC) has been actively promoting blockchain technology presenting an advert about it to huge number of viewers of 2018 FIFA World Cup. On July 7, during the half-time of the England 2-0 win over Sweden game, the advertisement about the benefits of the new technology was showcased.

HDAC presented their high-tech vision of the future which include internet of things (IoT) technology. The advert was featured in every half-time break of the game. According to the official information passed by BBC, the quarter-final game reportedly hit 19.64 million viewers.

HDAC is a subsidiary of the well-known popular South Korean car manufacturing company Hyundai. The company delivered the recent advert on both BBC and ITV. The key objective of the company is to provide secure IoT ecosystems via using private and public blockchains.

The showed advert mentioned blockchain three times in on-screen text and once in a voiceover. The story of the advertisement featured a family making instant payments using blockchain technology. The key message of the ad highlighted that the house was also protected by the new technology. Smart appliances were presented including calculating meter readings and automatically processing payments of utilities.

According to HDAC website, “the technology can be applied to smart factories, smart homes, smart buildings, and various industries. Also, (machine to machine) transaction for mutual contracts and operation between IoT devices are implemented to bring a platform where rational consumptions and transactions are possible”.

Above all, the ad was measurably highlighting technology being safe and trustworthy. Due to the company being a subsidiary of Hyundai, TV viewers hence had a credible new perspective on the new technology that come with a name they are already familiar with. In addition, putting the new technology in a family setting, makes viewers think about blockchain as a good opportunity which can benefit them in everyday situations.

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