Tron Announces First Batch of Core TRONICS Members

Tron (TRX) Foundation recently released the list of names of the first selected batch of Core TRONICS members. According to the official announcement, the selected 13 individuals have been chosen to help grow the Tron Ecosystem over time. The information was also shared by the founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, who twitted about the official release of the list on his profile page.

An earlier announcement also confirmed that the Foundation will keep selecting new individuals who will be invited to join the group of Core TRONICS members.  

Tron Foundation stated in the official message: “dear fellow TRONICS, the first batch of core TRONICS has been selected thanks for your enthusiasm and passion. For the chosen TRONICS, let’s support Tron for a healthy growth, and for those who were failed at this round, don’t get discouraged, there will be an aperiodic selection and we are looking forward to your participation!” The announcement featured a picture of the actual list of names of the individuals who are already officially Core TRONICS members.   

The main duties of the members was earlier announced to include translation and dissemination of information and news about Tron into different languages and communities as well as engage in discussions and provide information to new users of Tron and coin holders. In addition, the members would need to hold Tron’s offline meet ups and enhance the Tron environment via any possible contribution including by both personal and professional activities. In order to be eligible to apply for the membership, applicants had to hold certain amount of TRX and have a throughout understanding about the company and the industry. Benefits of being part of Core TRONICS include becoming a part of community, receiving special advantages and special attendance invitations to community events and info sharing discussions about the company and the industry.

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