Stellar Based BAC Partners with Poseidon to Go “Climate Positive”

The Poseidon Foundation, which is a carbon credit and market NGO initiative based on blockchain technology and built on the Stellar network, has recently announced a partnership with Briggs Automotive Company (BAC). The new cooperation will be aimed at making the company world’s first car manufacturer to become “climate positive”.   

BAC Mono twitted about the partnership on their official page stating that that the partnership with Poseidon Foundation “allows BAC to contribute to removal of more CO2 from atmosphere than it emits”.

The source also confirmed that the new partnership with Poseidon Foundation will allow BAC to “utilise their revolutionary blockchain carbon credit infrastructure and point-of-sale donation technology to rebalance their carbon footprint, removing more CO2 than the company emits from car production, servicing and delivery”.    

BAC creates the only single-seater, road-legal supercar in the world in addition to having Top Gear prime-time program. The company currently contributes to different forest conservation projects including one in Peru’s Cordillera Azul National Park, and the new blockchain carbon credit partnership is believed to be an important contribution in this for the company.     

The Co-Founder of BAC, Ian Briggs commented on the new venture stating: “we are absolutely delighted to team up with Poseidon and take this important step to becoming a climate-positive manufacturer…. At BAC, we are totally committed to embracing new technology and are devoted to designing and developing more and more carbon-friendly products”.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson also commented on the significance of this recent development stating that “the cutting-edge technology is used by the Liverpool car company to become carbon positive”.

This recent breaking news is believed to demonstrate further validation of the Stellar Lumen’s protocol as well as the company’s competitive advantage in terms of wide applications in for the major industry.

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