Top Updates on Tron Independence Day Live Stream

Tron, as known, is currently in the process of the long-awaited token swap, and in order to benefit the community, the company holds a live stream of the process. During the live stream, the candidates of the Super Representative election speak about own communities that they offer to the main Tron community. In the speeches, they also describe and comment on how their communities are attached and relevant to Tron company.

According to the representatives of Odyssey, the project possesses strong vision for their community which goes closely with the founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, as he is their chief adviser. While Tron Foundation has already made a measurable investment in the project, it was highlighted to be successful from the very first day of the launch, and representatives claimed the willingness to continue close cooperation with Tron.

Odyssey’s white paper states: “a journey back to what we truly believe in is never easy. Even though sometimes we may falter and some of our decisions may have negative consequences, our allegiance towards what we believe, love for what we believe and desire to return to what we believe never wanes.”

Gifto, which is a decentralized universal gifting protocol with 35 million users and a strategic partner for Tron is another SR candidate. The creator of Gifto, Andy Tian commented: “Gifto and TRON are both innovating the content creation space using blockchain technology and together we will be able to offer anyone an alternative to the standard model of content creation ownership and monetization that is available today. This partnership is putting together two companies that both have successful consumer entertainment apps, and both using blockchain technology to disrupt entire industries in the years to come”.

Another company, which was present in the live stream, was Digital Assets Group (DAG). It has the main target of blockchain digital asset businesses with many subsidiaries and foundations. According to the Foundation, “DAG’s running for the super representative reflects the decision to choose Tron as its first partner for ecological cooperation and fully supporting the ecological growth and development of Tron”.

During the live stream they also demonstrated the methods of using the blockchain browser for the community.

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