Unobtanium – An Altcoin Worth Taking Stock Of

As more and more altcoins reach the market, it’s only natural that some are ultimately left to fall by the wayside. There can only be so many such coins that have significant value or are worth keeping track of. And it may be time to add another altcoin to the list of those that are noteworthy in 2018. Uno, which stands for Unobtanium, calls itself the original rare cryptocurrency, and is operating at some of its highest prices to date.

Despite the fact that it’s not as well known as some of its fellow altcoins now, Uno was actually mentioned a couple years ago in one interesting article at a Canadian gaming and tech site as one of the most popular altcoins. There, it was described as “another promising upstart,” and the brief description stressed that Uno is built for fair mining – not giving select users a head start on the process, as so many digital currencies do. Intentionally releasing coins that were worth very little money to start with, Uno gave its prospective users time to get to know the product, get hardware ready, and start mining, if they chose to do so.

Really, this is what set Uno apart, other than its bizarre name (which is rooted in science fiction and generally describes any element that doesn’t exist, but is needed to further a story). Its initial coin offering was effectively democratized. Otherwise, with the subtle difference of what are said to be faster mining times, Uno operates for the most part like a fairly standard cryptocurrency.

The difference of late that makes it more worthy of all of our attention is that it’s had a sustained surge in value. A recent article noted a 2.68 percent bump with the U.S. dollar in just a day’s worth of trading. And while that might not be a remarkable number where bitcoin, bitcoin cash, or ethereum is concerned, it represented a fairly signifiant boost for a cryptocurrency still looking to break into the mainstream.

Looking at the whole chart for Uno over time, it’s clear that it’s now operating at a different level than it once was. From 2015 through 2016, for the better part of two whole years, Uno traded in a range of roughly $1 to $4. Now it looks to be fairly reliably in the $100 to $150 range, which puts it not too far behind the far more popular litecoin. That doesn’t mean we should all rush to buy into Uno, but it does mean we should start including it on our lists of altcoins worth focusing on.

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