China Reviews its Cryptocurrencies Ranking

A few weeks ago we had already talked about the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies ( and the fake ones)  made by the Chinese government.

The crypto list, created by CCID Research China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, placed Ethereum in the first place and the thirteenth Bitcoin.

With this update, however, China has added EOS and Nebulas, thus arriving to classify as many as 30 crypto.

This revision of the ranking also sees other changes: Bitcoin dropped to 17th place; Ethereum is  at the second place and EOS was placed in first place.

“The EOS mainnet went live on June 10th. Although there has been some incident as a brief suspension of service, it is truly active in terms of technological innovation and speed of software updates “.

“The results showed that the evaluation index of EOS…was 161.5, ranking first in the evaluation index list. Ethereum, the first player in the previous period, took the second place with a combined score of 138.4…Bitcoin’s public chain technology assessment index is 91.5, ranking 17th.”

Crypto Ranking: an assessment of blockchains

This report, remember, will be updated on a monthly basis.

“The second phase of the model has been optimized, compared to the first phase. The security algorithm has been improved and an indicator has been added to evaluate the ease of development of the public chain nodes “.

However, the ranking criteria have not changed and are based on 3 principles: application utility, project innovation and technology.

From these factors, it would seem that the blockchain of the cryptocurrency itself is evaluated more, in fact, for example, an assessment of volatility and price is lacking.

CCID emphasizes the technology rather than the commercial success of cryptocurrencies for ranking. Many platforms, when ranking cryptocurrencies, often take into account the market capitalization along with price movements and don’t look at the technology behind. CCID, on the other hand, takes a completely different approach, only factoring in the usefulness, innovativeness and the level of technology.

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