Edge Wallet Becomes First Secure Mobile Wallet Provider to Add XRP and Monero

Security mobile wallet, Edge recently announced about adding Ripple (XRP) and Monero (XMR) capability to its platform. Edge is known as a platform that keeps user data private with cutting-edge security and hence becomes the first mobile wallet provider to add the two cryptocurrencies.

Edge earlier announced their latest release, v1.2.0 version which includes the addition of Ripple and Monero. The new version also offers in-app buy and sell with debit and/or credit cards in addition to advanced features such as private key sweeping.

According to the company, the developers put a great effort with an enhanced focus on performance and optimization, in order to have the new feature.

According to Edge CEO, Paul Puey, the company expects to be the first platform that successfully adds capability to store the two increasingly popular cryptocurrencies of Ripple and Monero.

“We’ve listened closely to our community over the last few months and found a strong demand for these currencies on the Edge platform. Both communities are different but they face the same issue: how do we hold and use our currency? Edge is proud to announce that they can now find that option here”, said Puey.

It was also announced by the company that while both of the coins can now be stored in the Edge wallet, their uses are quite different. Ripple is a more efficient monetary vehicle which is more suitable for those users that are seeking to use cryptos as legal tender. Meanwhile Monero’s RingCT allows users to enjoy greater anonymity when conducting transactions. Considering these specialties, the coins tend to attract different communities. So the platform is a quality and trustworthy opportunity for each customer base to store their coins.

“While solutions exist to gain price exposure and invest in these currencies, there are no options besides Edge that let users hold, send, receive, and trade these currencies from a secure wallet they control, with no custodian, alongside a dozen other crypto assets. This is all from the convenience of their mobile phone”, Puey concluded.

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