Don’t Fall to the Scam Fork of Tron Genesis

An attempted fraud  to Tron TRX user was discovered. The scam seems to have had significant dimensions and has been well executed. In fact, the proposed hard fork have been published on sites very similar to the official ones of the Tron Foundation.

The sites, now placed offline, were proposed with the name “Tron Genesis”, which in theory should have been the name of the new cryptocurrency born from the fake hard fork.

According to some rumors, a group of developers dissatisfied with the change of direction of the founder Justin Sun on the development of the Tron project had decided to fork through Skycoin’s blockchain.

On the site, in fact, we read: “Justin Sun has changed direction and we do not want to support it anymore. Competing directly with Ethereum is not what we wanted, nor do we think the team is able to become a serious competitor to Ethereum. We wanted to be a truly decentralized blockchain entertainment platform on the decentralized Internet, not another Ethereum. ”

All this is false, but unfortunately it seems that someone has fallen for it.

Tron Genesis: Tron’s hard fork scam

The scam consisted in the fact that, in order to claim these new hypothetical TRXG tokens, the owners of the original TRX tokens had to perform a twisted process of creating a new wallet on MyEtherWallet, with the exchange of private keys.

Anyone who is even minimally informed about how cryptocurrencies work knows that you should never share your private keys. When someone asks to share private keys, you can be sure that this is a scam.

Of course, once they had the private wallet keys, the scammers would ask the TRX owners to move the tokens to this new wallet, so that they could be freely sent to their wallets.

The success of this scam was related to the fact that the account of one of the moderators of r / Tronix on Reddit has been compromised, allowing to enter the subreddit, and apparently legitimate the post with which they announced the alleged upcoming fork.

Some of the users immediately understood that it was a scam, but unfortunately not all. It is still unclear how many TRXs are worth the scam.

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