Ripple Centred SBI Virtual Currencies Exchange lists Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Virtual currencies exchange platform, SBI, which is measurably centred on Ripple, recently listed Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum World News reports. BTC and BCH have officially completed the list of the cryptocurrencies that the trading platform currently supports.

In addition, it was reported, that descriptions of both BTC and BCH are available on SBI’s online buyers guide, while before this only XRP was showcased on this guide.

Group of users have already had an opportunity to pre-register on the exchange platform back in October, 2017; and now these users are able to trade XRP, BTC and BCH against the Japanese Yen. The source informed in the official announcement, that the new trading pairs of BTC/JPY and BCH/JPY would be available starting from Monday, June 18.

According to the CEO and President of SBI Holdings, Yoshitaka Kitao, the exchange platform is currently in the process of becoming a leading Cryptocurrency exchanger in the market.

As to the famous partnership between Ripple and SBI Holdings, the companies have been so far having a fruitful cooperation so far. During the two years long successful cooperation so far, there have been many positive developments for the companies. The newly released SBI Virtual Currencies exchange is one of the results of the successful partnership of the parties.

Earlier it was reported that the online XRP buying guide, that is available on the Ripple website, has now officially added the SBI Virtual Currencies platform as a source of trading XRP. This proves that the two companies work together towards increasing the liquidity of XRP.

Ripple’s token XRP is continually gaining liquidity as it gets new listings on leading exchangers. As the coin is becoming available to more and more crypto-traders across the globe, its value naturally increases.

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