South Indian State to Use Blockchain for More Efficient Food Supply Network

The government of the South Indian state of Kerala announced that blockchain technology will be officially used for food supply and distribution in the state. According to the local news outlet Business Standard, the leader of the project is Keralan think-tank the Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC).

The source also confirmed that K-DISC aims at using Internet of Things in addition to the blockchain technology in order to make the state’s “supply network for dairy products, vegetables and fish more efficient”.

According to the Chairman of K-DISC, KM Abraham, separate ID number will be assigned to each part of the supply network. Through this ID it will be possible to monitor source, production, quality and distribution directly on blockchain.

In addition, it was informed, that food supply is not the only field blockchain will be utilised in the state. As reported, the state of Kerala will also be using the technology in the field of insurance. The new technology will be deployed in order to “crop insurance scheme, ensuring the tamper-proof and efficient processing and settlement of claims for farmers suffering crop losses”.

The data that will be collected on the blockchain will give the opportunity to estimate whether crop loss was due to natural causes or other factors. Further on the technology can be used disintermediate disputes between insurance firms and beneficiaries without the need for representatives of a third party.

Meanwhile this has not been the first announcement of this kind by the Indian government. Giant companies and corporations such as Walmart, IBM, Microsoft and Rotterdam Port Authority have recently made announcements about using blockchain technology in similar fields in order to fulfil relevant objectives. The tendency hence continues, which proves the measurable potential of the new technology.


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