First Ever Artwork Dedicated Towards Cryptocurrency Unveiled in London

First ever cryptocurrency sculpture was recently unveiled in central London during a ceremony. It is a sculpture which depicts a baby holding a tablet in its mother’s womb. The artwork is made entirely of bronze and has high of three meters; and is reported to be the first work of art which is dedicated to the theme of cryptocurrency.

The source informs that the innovative work of art is called “Crypto Connection” which was created by Italian artist Frederico Clapis. The sculpture, which took more than 3 months to make, was reportedly sponsored by multi-currency wallet-app, Eidoo.

Clapis gave a speech at the official ceremony during which he explained that the sculpture was “a culmination of various themes I wanted to express for some time”. The artist continued: “this is a subject I had in my mind for a while and when Eidoo approached me I saw a combination to represent the future in many aspects, not only cultural but also social, technology and the economy. I am passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain and the way I see it, the baby in §the statue represents a generation being born into a world where blockchain is normal and useful for all.”

CEO of Eidoo, Lars Schlichting also attended the ceremony. “We want society to become aware of the digital revolution and this statue is intended to represent how a new era is coming. London’s a very cosmopolitan and multicultural place and it’s where we want to present our vision to the world”, commented Schlichting.

The actual value of Crypto Connection was not revealed during the ceremony, meanwhile considering the size and the amount of work that was put in the sculpture, it can be concluded that the artwork possesses a measurable worth.

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