EOS Reports About Going Back to Live After Saturday’s Pause

EOS blockchain made an official announcement about resuming operations today on June 17, after having a reported technical issue one day earlier. The blockchain, which was launched only recently, reported about some technical issues which forced the platform to pause its operations, EOS Network Monitor informs. According to the official source, the block producers (BPs) which are the equivalent of miners on the Bitcoin blockchain are “producing right now”.

On June 16, several official sources informed about the issue with the EOS Mainnet which led to network operations “freezing”. This happened less than 48 hours after the platform officially went live. As already reported, the blockchain went live as a result of the candidates to become EOS BPs voting for the activity earlier on June 9.  

After the “pause” of the platform, the Telegram Channel which is dedicated to tracking the status of the Mainnet, reported that the Block Producers and many Standby Nodes held a conference call to discuss ways to detect and fix the occurred issues. Four hours after this announcement, the same source informed that the Mainnet was already live.

Creator of Dogecoin and crypto commentator, Jackson Palmer tweeted about the major pause of EOS stating that the situation was “making it hard not to be critical of the well-funded EOS protocol and the community that supports it”.

The original post stated: “so the blockchain was taken offline for 5 hours just days after launch due to a bug – until a centralized company issued a patch to block producers.
…and this software had $4B in funding. Making it hard to not be critical folks…”

As field enthusiasts will remember, back on June 1, the cryptocurrency completed its year-long ICO that raised a reported $4 billion. This made it the world’s largest ICO as of now. According to CoinMarketCap, EOS is currently the 5th largest cryptocurrency in the market.

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