Apple Bans Cryptocurrencies Mining App From Its Store

Apple bans ‘mining‘ applications  ie for the production of cryptocurrencies, on iPhone, Mac computers and other Apple devices. With the update of the guidelines, the company establishes that the only accepted applications to produce bitcoins and other digital currencies are those that do it outside the devices, for example in the cloud.

The new rules do not prohibit the presence of apps that act as an ‘electronic wallet’ of cryptocurrencies, only if they are offered by developers registered as organizations. Apps can facilitate transactions and virtual currency transmissions on approved exchange platforms. Furthermore, applications that facilitate “initial coin offering”, ie the system by which startups raise funds by distributing virtual coins, must come from banks or other approved financial institutions.

Finally, cryptocurrency apps can not offer users virtual coins in exchange for activities such as downloading other apps, downloading apps from other users, or posting on social media.

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