Fifth Largest Cryptocurrency EOS Launch is a Go

The EOS blockchain was recently announced set to launch on June 9. The information was concluded based on the results of a live-streamed vote which took place one day earlier, on June 8.

According to the results, the candidates to become the EOS blockchain “Block Producers”, who are appropriately equivalent to miners on the Bitcoin blockchain, voted for or a “Go” in their latest voting session. This would make the EOS mainnet go live at 1:00pm UTC on June 9.

The information was twitted by EOS Go on the official page stating that “EOS LAUNCH IS A GO! The blockchain will launch at 1300 UTC Saturday. GO EOS!!”

The launch was announced only a week after, which is EOS’ creator and blockchain software developer, released version 1.0 of the blockchain protocol EOSIO to the public. The software was created with the main objective to allow “enterprise-level as well as community-driven businesses build scalable blockchain-based applications”.

EOSIO also recently received a new major funding for building decentralized applications or Dapps. The company announced about launching a $50 mln fund to support the development of the EOSIO “ecosystem” on the same say of the EOSIO 1.0 release for the public. The fund was launched in partnership with London-based blockchain investor, SVK Crypto.

Even earlier, on June 1, it was reported that EOS had completed its year-long token sale. This reportedly raised a record-breaking $4 bln. for the company which become the largest Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in history. As of now, EOS is fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The market cap of the company is estimated to be worth $12.8 bln., while the coin has recently experienced over 3% growth over the past 24 hours and as of now is trading at $14.37.

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