Press Release Partners With Dash to Give Rewards in Dash has integrated the Dash coin into its platform. This will now give members the ability to deliver rewards to users directly in cryptocurrency for retail purchases. The integration was announced during the Consensus conference in New York City.

According to CEO and co-founder Todd Rowan, “allowing customers to earn Dash for purchases, gives customers an easy on-ramp into the crypto-economy in a less intimidating fashion than simply taking the plunge and getting a wallet and buying off an exchange.”

The ability to reward members with Dash is the first step into full acceptance. At present it is only paid out as reward points for purchases with regular fiat currency, however, this is set to change. By the end of the year, in Q4 2018, Dash will be fully accepted as a form of payment on the site, enabling a host of additional retail purchases with Dash. According to Dash Core’s head of business development Brad Zastrow, this is an important stepping stone for wide adoption. “This is the next step for Dash in our goal of achieving widespread mainstream adoption. The partnership with a high caliber business like lowers the barrier to entry by eliminating the complication for those unfamiliar with digital asset exchanges. No longer do people need to buy, mine or trade for Dash. With this partnership, everyday consumers can earn Dash simply by shopping, which has never been done before on this platform. We believe our new alliance will encourage consumers to explore alternative options for payments and bring added value to loyalty rewards programs, particularly for an increasingly tech-savvy audience.”

About Dash:

It is an open-source project that delivers safe decentralized financial solutions. Dash is like digital cash, spent easily and instantly online and at merchants and service providers worldwide. One of the world’s most highly valued cryptocurrencies, it is managed by a self-funded, self-governed organization comprised of over 15,000 users, moving over a million dollars across the network every 24 hours. Transactions are verified by users running over 4000 master nodes across the world. Dash’s built-in governance and funding system allow projects to be proposed and voted on by the community, and if approved, paid for directly from the blockchain. This cryptocurrency has many unique features including instant transfers, low fees, optional privacy and state-of-the-art security.

About offers a global loyalty solution to provide the first consumer and retail-focused rewards token platform. It leverages blockchain technology to offer a universal loyalty token, we call RWRD, Rewards is a single marketplace that brings together over 100,000,000 products and 7000 existing merchant relationships with restaurants, retail, entertainment, travel and more that allows customers to earn and use RWRD token. The platform will allow users to shop online or in-store to receive RWRD tokens. Those RWRD tokens can then be used to make additional purchases clothes, food, book travel, buy gift cards or even toothpaste or traded.



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