Stellar Lumens, 2 Billion Tokens for Bitcoin Holders

A few days ago on the official Twitter profile of Stellar Lumens was informed that, during the campaign period from August to October 2017, were distributed to the bitcoin holders over 2 billion XML token, out of a total of 18 billion tokens in circulation, held by about 400,000 addresses.

At the end of March last year, in fact, Stellar Lumens announced the distribution of 16 billion lumens (XLM) to those who had BTC on their address.

This initiative was part of’s commitment to reserving 19% of the initial lumens for this specific purpose.

The choice was due to the fact that they considered Bitcoin a source of deep inspiration during the design phase of Stellar Lumens, stating that “The Bitcoin network was the first to show that it is possible for a group of non-trustworthy subjects to agree a database common, and the bitcoiner community still influences our understanding of the impact of this technology. ”

To date, an XLM token is worth about $ 0.3, so the XML distributed to Bitcoin owners today has a value of about $ 600 million.

These 2 billion XLMs were distributed for free, that is as airdrop, without asking for anything in return

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