50% of Santander International Transfers are Carried by Ripple

Santander OnePay FX mobile application is becoming more and more popular among the users. The main advantage of the app includes the user friendly interface which allows using the platform easily with no extra effort. Ripple (XRP) team measurably contributed in showcasing the opportunities and simple usage of the app in a live demonstration video.

As showed in the demo, the app allows users to pick between US Dollars and Euros as the form of currency which the transaction will be performed in. The users can then input the recipient’s details and use the Apple Pay in order to make a selection on which credit card to use to complete the transaction. Once the user makes the selection and presses ‘pay’ button, the transaction from the UK to the United States is completed in few short seconds.

The complete video is available on YouTube while the app is possible to download from Apple App Store for free.

The demonstration is made using Ripple’s product of xCurrent and Santander’s OnePay FX app which proves to manage safer, faster and cheaper international transfers. The importance of the solution is especially valued nowadays due to the necessity to make even more international transfers in shorter periods of time.

Considering the needs and demand of its customers Santander has rolled out OnePayFX to Euro Zone countries and the United States. Santander Group’s Executive Chairman, Ana Botín recently stated that 50% of the bank’s annual international transfers are currently being carried by the Ripple-powered blockchain.

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse earlier expressed an opinion arguing the statement of Bitcoin (BTC) dominating in the crypto-market for a long time in the future as well. Garlinghouse’s point was made based on efficient operation of Ripple products as well as the fact that BTC only dominates in the market due to speculation by users in the crypto-verse.

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