How a simple Google spreadsheet fuels connections in the cryptocurrency community

If one thing is clear from the rise of cryptocurrency market, it is that the world fell in love with an idea. The ideology behind the blockchain, of a decentralization and taking back power from third party governmental bodies, has captivated collective imaginations.


The crypto coin poster child took a public fall, but the movement has sown a seed. Powerful ideas are like viruses, and the ‘ideavirus’ of cryptocurrency continues to infect the population at large.


For those who have caught the bug, and those showing early symptoms — a new database has  surfaced that might fundamentally change the cryptocurrency game.

The crypto-gold rush is far from over

Polish your pick, and get on the wagon. Yes, even you, the technophobe who prefers paper books over a perfectly good Kindle your wife bought you for Christmas. The market for crypto coins and ICOs is currently valued around $417 billion. According to many fintech experts, such as futurist and author Thomas Frey, cryptocurrencies are here to stay.  


What is changing is the way we evaluate different currencies, which ones we trust with our hard earned “regular money,” and where we source information.


In the oversaturated digital space, research can be overwhelming even for seasoned veterans. Every 3 seconds someone posts an article on social media about Bitcoin alone. As the market diversifies and grows, it has never been more important or more difficult to find credible sources for cryptocurrency research.

The first ever socially sourced Cryptocurrency Community Database

This glorified google spreadsheet is open to anyone with an internet connection, offering an interactive exchange of information in real time. What’s more, anyone with a keyboard can contribute to the project.


“We created the database in order to increase the accessibility to the cryptocurrency industry.” says co-creator of CCD and co-founder of Gilad Raz, “Simplifying information has always been the strategy of the company and offering this community a place to socially exchange information seemed like the logical next step.”


The Cryptocurrency Community Database is revolutionary in more ways than one.

Your A-Z crypto-encyclopedia

All the information you need — from influencers and facebook groups to advanced online courses — is in one place. The Cryptocurrency Community Database simplifies an incredibly complex world, breaking down the notoriously high barriers to entry.


Anyone mildly interested in the subject will find value in the Cryptocurrency Community Database. Beginners can start out confidently with the platform’s “beginner’s guide while

to experienced business owners can benefits from posting jobs and other relevant opportunities to the community.  


We recommend you begin by examining the community guidelines then checking out the many categories up top to see what strikes your fancy.

By the people, for the people

Capitalizing on the crowdsourcing trend, CCD allows a highly engaged community of individuals to consume, aggregate and update knowledge in a shared space. In line with the philosophy of blockchain itself, the database is built and maintained by the community it aims to serve.


To maintain platform credibility, there is a content management system (CMS) in place that uses separate input forms. This allows content to be reviewed and verified before it goes public.


No frills needed

The grassroots feel of this project can be felt by anyone combing through the database. The spreadsheet isn’t fancy because it doesn’t need to be. It is however, accessible and approachable to a global audience. This is one place where functionality trumps sophisticated UI.


Empowering social cryptocurrency trading

Blockium is a social trading platform that lets people trade on the stock market/cryptocurrency market with friends and strangers.


The added value of this platform is its element of gamification. It allows users to compete in portfolio performance tournaments based on real time market data — the player with the best portfolio ROI wins against their competition.


Want to step into the ring? Make sure to brush up on your cryptocurrency knowledge in the database above and then download the Blockium app available for free in the Google Play store and the Appstore.


Author: Dannah Cahn




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