Two Important Developments for Tron 3 days before the MainNet

Tron keeps receiving important support and announcing listings on top exchange platforms. The company recently announced about receiving support from OKEX exchange not long before the most anticipated Tron ecosystem upgrade and token migration event.

As known, the actual Tron token migration will take place next month, June 21 and OKEX announced to be supporting this process to ensure it is seamless. As informed, Tron token holders can now deposit their ERC20 TRX tokens on OKEX before the launch. Further on they will receive the equivalent amount of the new TRX tokens after the launch of the MainNet.

The users were also infirmed that both deposits and withdrawals in TRX will be suspended during the Blockchain upgrade to the MainNet. The transaction will be resumed after stabilization of the MainNet. The specific time and dates will be announced separately, after being confirmed.

OKEX is one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms which is affiliated with OKEX Technology Company Limited. The platform mainly engages in currency exchange and derivative trading services for digital assets including Bittoken, Litetoken, Ether etc.

In addition to the important support by OKEX, Tron also announced about another important development. TRX will be listed on Oexcom exchange platform. The announcement was made by the CEO and Founder of Tron, Justin Sun, who twitted about the new listing on his official page only 3 days before the launch of the MainNet. According to the announcement, with the new listing on the OEX platform, holders can now start depositing and withdrawing TRX starting from tomorrow, May 29.

The recent developments are considered to be very important for Tron, as the company seeks to increase its value and accessibility in the crypto-sphere in order to gain confidence from the investors.

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