Cardano Launches KEVM Testnet

Cardano recently announced the launch of the much-awaited KEVM Testnet. According to the official source, K-EVM is a stack-based machine, which is an executable form of semantics at the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The new platform is the first Cardano smart contract that is corrected by an EVM and specified in the K framework.

The announcement was made on the official Twitter page of IOHK that stated “first Cardano smart contracts Testnet launches today, the KEVM Testnet. This is the first time that a complete formal semantics of the EVM have been produced and important first in cryptocurrency that is a step towards building 3rd generation blockchains”.

Further on, the CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson commented and announced the Testnet launch on his Twitter page saying “Yo Dog, I heard you like smart contracts? So we put smart contract in your smart contracts on a blockchain… Cardano CL’s first Testnet has been released”.

As informed, after the launch of the network, all the developers will be able to test any application that runs on EVM on the new KEVM, in order to prove that the new smart contracts are working and operating completely. “

The Testnet is executed by specifying the desired property from the contract in K and combining the contract with the KEVM specification. Further, the K framework can be used to verify all the existing properties”, stated the source.

As commented by IOHK, the new technology is a new important step towards the promise of third-generation blockchains.

Cardano has the next test scheduled for the July this year which will be a new virtual machine to be called IELE. With the new machine, developers will have the opportunity to write, compile and execute smart contracts. These new contracts will have improved security and performance compared to the recently introduced KEVM Testnet.

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