Monero Becomes a Smarter Currency

Something is moving around the Monero protocol.

Riccardo Spagni, the famous Fluffypony, guru of Monero, and the entrepreneur Dan Teree have joined Naivee Jain for the development and the launch of a new protocol called Tari, which will allow to support non-fungible token, that is not identical the one to the other, but containing specific information.

Not only token that represent a value, but also with its own information and that, therefore, can represent tickets, coupons or even independent data fragments, such as personal identities or elements of online games.

The fact that these data can be tokenised is particularly important because it allows the offer on the secondary market, that is its marketing to third parties.

For example, you can see the emergence of specific markets for objects represented in Tari, such as objects part of games, data, formulas, etc …

Tari is built on the Monero blockchain , but it is an autonomous token: the miners of Monero will be able to undermine even Tari and will obtain separate remunerations for this activity.

The structure is a bit ‘more centralized than that of the corresponding crypto, both for the initial stage of the project, both because this will allow to carry out experiments and improvements in a more free way.

The developers of Tari will also work to improve the propagation of Monero, but will also try to develop links with other very important blockchains, such as, for example, Litecoin and the Lightning Network system.

In the latter case, the goal is to allow LN to operate not only with Bitcoin, but also with XMR.

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