Blockchain Center to be Created in Barcelona’s Tech Hub

Spain will be investing in the development of the Blockchain based technology in the country. As recently announced by the local news outlet, La Vanguardia, Barcelona Tech City will be creating a specialized space for Blockchain technology development.

According to the source, the new space will take up a second building which will be located near the headquarter Pier01. The headquarters of Barcelona Tech City were opened back in summer 2016, and will most likely be occupied by Spanish Blockchain network Alastria.

It was also reported that currently Pier01 hosts over 1,000 local and international professionals from tech startups and innovation hubs throughout the country. All of the professional teams and staff members are the part of the city’s digital ecosystem which is located in the reconverted Palau de Mar.

As La Vanguardia also reports, different buildings of Barcelona Tech City are planned to be connected by electric vehicles in the nearest future. The Tech City will also contain all the necessary commodities and services for the “inhabitants” such as centers for health, gaming, and media.

Back in November 2017, a famous software company, SAP made an announcement about joining Alastria’s Blockchain consortium. As informed, the consortium currently contains more than 150 member organizations which include several major Spanish banks, leading telecommunications networks as well as many large and IT industry specialized universities.

The practice of building Blockchain tech hubs has been widely spreading worldwide as an important recent trend in the IT industry. The announcement from Spain was one of the recent several important initiatives which all concerned the development of Blockchain technology. This February, European Union announced about the upcoming initiative of opening an Observatory and Forum in upcoming future. In addition, earlier this month, New York made an important announcement about opening a Blockchain Resource Center soon.

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