Revolut Announces About Adding Support for Ripple

Digital banking service provider, Revolut recently announced about their plans of adding support for the trading of XRP on their platform. Head of Marketing and Communication for Revolut, Chad West Twitted about the upcoming support on his official page.

After his short teasing tweet with a screenshot of a transaction on the Revolut app, West went on to post again an hour later stating that the support will be added later this week. He also encouraged all the followers to stay tuned to Revolut’s social media accounts to learn about the upcoming important updates. It was also informed that the announcement will be made through email.

Revolut is a popular UK based digital banking service provider which offers holding, exchange, and transfer solutions that are available for the users without fees. The service is currently available in 25 different currencies around the world. In addition, Revolut also offers a contactless Visa card which is one of its products. This allows users to make fee-free transactions in 130 currencies. As reported by Revolut company, their solution helped the customers to save over $150 million on transaction fees. The company reportedly possesses an impressive customer base of about 1.5 million, with a total value upwards of $10 billion.

Earlier it was announced that a popular crypto exchange platform, Uphold also offers full support for XRP. The support by the leading exchanger includes full integration meaning that the users will be able to transact on and off from external wallets. As reported, this feature is planned to be launched on 24th of May.

The recent announcements by both Revolut and Uphold are considered to be strategically important developments for Ripple. There have been many opinions expressed by the field specialists that the recent two important supports will have a noticeable influence on the value of XRP.

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