Company which Acquired Coincheck to Expand to US Market

Monex Inc, which recently acquired the post hacked Japanese crypto exchange platform Coincheck, has revealed its upcoming plans on expanding to the US market. According to the recent interview to Bloomberg, the company CEO highlighted the importance of the US and European markets and confirmed the upcoming expansion plans of the platform to the US.

During the recent interview, the CEO of Monex, Oki Matsumoto confirmed that Coincheck will be soon receiving an official license from Japanese authorities (expected next month), which will later be followed by the important expansion of the exchange platform beyond Asian market.

In his statement, Matsumoto said that in terms of attracting institutional investments US and Europe are moving ahead of Japan which has been one of the first to adopt cryptocurrencies. It was also highlighted that Europe and US have now taken the edge in terms of “crypto-specific regulatory momentum” meaning that in these markets the security and further development of digital currencies are of top importance.

According to the CEO, currently US federal regulators have the most important role in deciding the global future of cryptocurrencies in the world economy. He also stated to believe that the eventual decision and definition by US authorities will become the most important base for the future development of the status of cryptocurrencies in general and among investors.

This recent announcement about Monex deciding to target overseas markets in the nearest future is another important step towards a big promising improvement of the Coincheck exchange platform which was hacked back in January 2018 causing a measurable damage for the company. As it was reported earlier this month, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) is already working towards strengthening regulatory measures that have been imposed on the country’s crypto exchanges.

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